The AshDads

Hey, welcome to The AshDads' website!

We're a roots-rock, alt-country kinda band from Renfrew, Ontario. We haunt the pubs, clubs, dance-halls and festivals of Ottawa and the Valley.
We're working on some new material for the ongoing recording work and still love to do the covers that we covet. Come on out and set-a-spell... tap yer toes... maybe do the chicken wing. And in case you were wondering Ashdad is a crossroads near Renfrew that, back in the day, was a railroad stop along the K&P Line.

Hope to see you at one of our gigs!

Roch Quesnel


Drums and Vocals

Loves to make a sandwich

Member since inception

Wayne Dagenais


Keyboards and Vocals

Tickles the ivories and such

Member since the revolution

Kevin Carnegie


Bass, Guitar and Vocals

Great with a tape measure

Member since the K&P Line rolled through these parts

Paul Imeson


Guitar and Vocals

No fixed address

Member since getting the call

Scott Spooner


Guitar and Vocals

Right up agin the Barr Line

Member since gophers had basements

Upcoming Gigs

Please drop by and say hello!

Past Gigs


We cover songs from artists such as The Band, Steve Earle, The Jayhawks, Ryan Adams, Wilco, and many more. Here's a few covers we recorded in our wee basement studio.


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